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What Is Cari Naturals?

Cari Naturals is a line of all naturally and organically made hair and body products with a Caribbean twist.

Meet The Creator

"Even on a cold rainy day in the DMV, Pineapple Express gave me island vibes"

Valencia T.

"Damn...I smell good"

Everyone that uses Cari Naturals

The Cari Whipped Body Butter


Cari Naturals started with the idea to make beneficial products that contained all natural and organic ingredients such as Raw Shea Butter, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, etc.

Our products aim to make everyone that uses them not only feel beautiful and confident within themselves, but to also use that energy to spread PEACE, UNITY, & LOVE to each and everyone they meet.

Glow serum

Perfect for the summertime (and winter too). This glow serum is sure to have you shinnin'