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"The PX" Cari Whipped Body Crème was created in collaboration with PX Fitness. Named after the fitness, lifestyle, and health brand created by Tierra Brown, The...
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The absolute HOLY GRAIL of ALL body crème's ever created. Not only is it perfect for your skin but this crème DOUBLES as a hair...
What do you get when you mix a little bit of all-natural, pure sage oil with the sweet & spicy smell of ginger? You get...
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Imagine smelling like a fresh basket of freshly picked, juicy strawberries topped off with sweet and fluffy whipped cream. That's exactly what our Strawnilla Soufflè...
Wooooh Lawd! Grab your passport because this Cari Whipped Body Crème in White Peace Paradise is sure to make you want to pack your bags...
If you loved the first version of The Caribbean Goddess Glow Serum, then you'll definitely fall HEAD OVER HEELS in LOVE with our newer version, FRONTLINE. This...
Limonad Lip & Body Polisher
- 65%
$6.00 $8.50
This body scrub was created with organic ingredients such as lemon, lemongrass, and dried lemon peel, to help create true Caribbean vibes for everyone that uses...
Limonad Lip & Body Scrub
Want to bring the whole gang along with you? Well, now you can! One for di road, one for your bag, one for your car,...

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