Cari Naturals ensures and strives to provide the absolute best customer service. Below are some frequently asked questions that may help answer any type of issue you may encounter. If you have a different question other than the ones provided please email directly. Please allow 1-3 business days at most to receive a response back. Thank You!
Frequently Asked Questions
What are your hours of operation?
The hours of operation (which include the creation of products & shipments) are
Monday - Friday: 5pm - 7pm EST 
Saturday: 12 - 2pm EST
We are located in Laurel, MD and do accept in person inquiries and orders. Local delivery is available to those that live within a 5 mile radius
How long should it take for my order to be created and shipped?
All products are currently made-to-order to ensure freshness. Unless an item is for pre-order it will take up to 3 - 12 days for your order to be created and shipped, depending on items ordered. 
To what places does Cari Naturals ship to?
Cari Naturals currently ships to all 50 states within the United States of America, Europe, and of course the entire Caribbean/West Indies. Complete worldwide shipping is currently in the works and soon will be announced.
How long should it take for my products to be shipped?
Depending on where in the U.S.A you are located, it should take 3 - 12 business days at most to receive your package, depending on items ordered.
How will I know when my package has been shipped?
You will receive a confirmation email along with tracking number when your package has been shipped and is on its way to your location. 
I received my body crème melted, what do I do?
Cari Naturals tries their absolute best to ensure that every product shipped is securely packaged and in perfect condition. In some cases, when exposed to warmer temperatures, our body butters will tend to soften and sometimes melt which is normal and expected.
If you happen to receive your body butter melted, place your body butter in a cool place or in the fridge to harden. Afterwards, it will be as good as new. 
I received my glass dropper bottle jar damaged, what do I do?
Cari Naturals tries their absolute best to make sure that all glass and fragile items are packaged carefully and securely. Due to this policy, we do NOT accept refunds but we DO allow exchanges of any UNOPENED damaged glass dropper bottle that you may receive. We ask that you send photographic evidence of your UNOPENED product to for further assistance.
I damaged my products after opening them, can I get a refund or exchange?
If you damage the received products after opening and using, you ARE NOT eligible for refund or exchange. Contact for further assistance. 
What is the refund/exchange policy?
Cari Naturals tries their absolute best to make sure that all items (glass and/or plastic) are packaged carefully and securely. All sales are final UNLESS they are packaged in glass AND have been received damaged and unopened. We also require that the customer provides photographic evidence of the damaged glass product and email's for further assistance.